The DBQ is 25% of the AP exam score. The skills measured are higher level and not easy, although a couple of points on the seven point rubric may be relatively easy to earn when compared to others. On this page, I have a few resources including a rubric, template, and some videos I have created in recent years.  There are many excellent videos out there describing strategies that are much more entertaining than mine. 😊These are low budget films from the heart of FFAPUSH. ❤

Reminder: The 3-Step strategy is designed to help scaffold and build skills. It’s a starting place that can help bridge the gap between lower level writing and college level sophistication. Some students will not make it to the level of sophistication by May. That is okay! AP essays are not graded for sophistication. ALSO: We are planting seeds and building skills that will continue to grow throughout our students’ academic journey.

Remember, EXCELLENCE does NOT require perfection.

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