An Idea for Closure Project

This is what I use to guide students through a review. I focus on content and skill as we work through the content outline. Providing a full copy of the content outline is also useful.

Tracking Student Progress




Study cards include APUSH exam and Texas STAAR concepts. I print the cards using different colors for each theme, and I print the skill cards on white paper. Providing a bag to hold the cards can be relatively inexpensive. Ziplocs can be used or canvas bags from Discount School Supply website. When I am able, I purchase the canvas bags and personalize them.

Final Tips Before Exam


I use images and words to help kids review course materials. They set up a timeline and then sort a thematic set into appropriate eras. Then, we discuss causes, effects, continuities, changes, similarities, and differences. Asking students to identify and discuss what is missing or what they would add is also helpful.

Sorting Cards for Review

One strategy I recommend is the use of Essay Folders – In my classroom each student has an essay folder [that stays in the classroom] and houses all essays written during the year. On the cover are rubrics which record topics, skills, and rubrics. Each time a student earns at least 4 points on an essay, they receive a sticker. When we debrief and rewrite essays, they can also focus on skills they struggle with. Student response to this strategy has been positive, because they not only like stickers/praise… they appreciate the fact that they don’t have to be perfect to earn a good grade as well as being celebrated for the journey of learning. You can cut and past the rubrics to the front cover of the folders (or have students do so). Then, as you grade record what points they earn on these rubrics. This provides progress tracking over time. On the image, the DBQ rubrics overlap, so the first two are essentially a flap over the second two.

Unfortunately I do not have a file for the images of the Presidents or the political theme.


APUSH Review Materials